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Die memon Revolution Die memon Revolution

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The memon revolution
We all look for a life lived in harmony, health and well-being. And yet, rapid technological advances are taking their toll: environmental pollutants and increased levels of electro- magnetic radiation are causing lasting destruction to our bio- sphere and threatening our organism. 
Which prompts the question: should we simply accept the pathogenic side effects of our technological advances? Must we pay the price with our health, simply because we can no longer halt the wheels of development, much less turn them back?
A novel technology was born when the inventor of the transformer system, Winfried M. Dochow, discovered a method to disable pathogenic oscillation resulting from technical and terrestrial radiation. From its humble beginnings, this technology is now making triumphant advances and continuing to convince increasing numbers of people. By ap- plying the universal principle of counter-oscillation, Dochow succeeded in completely eliminating harmful interference factors and in thus re-establishing a healthy indoor climate. The transformer system works for cell phones as well as for electromagnetic radiation, water as well as for excess concentrations of particulate matter, the car as well as for large office buildings.
In this book, author Ferry Hirschmann vividly shows how the self-healing mechanism of man and nature becomes reactivated through the memon transformer system, and how complaints such as migraines, sleeping problems or neuralgia disappear almost instantly. Interviews with Winfried M. Dochow, inventor of the system, and with the founders of the memon enterprise, Erika and Hans Felder, provide an overall picture of the origins of this innovative technology, of the strength of faith and the power a single idea can have. The increasing success of this holistic concept, which is founded on physical laws, proves once more what Friedrich Hoelderlin knew over 200 years ago: “Where danger threatens, that which saves us from it also grows.” 
About the author: Ferry Hirschmann began by studying medicine, then proceeded to study German and law. As a journalist specializing in medicine and alternative medi-cine, his numerous articles have been published in Germany and Austria, among others in the renowned magazine "Stern" and the Vienna-based "Express". He has also written several books dealing with the topic of alternative medicine. Today, he is a freelance writer living in Mallorca.


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